Why I’m Running

Growing up, my parents taught me we all have a role to play in healing the world. To me, that meant doing everything in my power to fight for justice. 

I love Philly – it’s the best big city in America. But it’s no secret that we are facing many challenges. Too many of our residents live in poverty. We’ve struggled to end the gun violence epidemic, make schools safe for students and keep Philadelphians housed. And the playing field remains uneven across socioeconomic and racial lines. 

I’m running for City Council at-large because I know we can overcome these challenges.  I believe every person in our city deserves the best we have to offer. It’s out there for us if we do the work­­­­­­­­­, and I’ve spent my entire career doing the work. I’ve always been a fighter for Philly – especially for our most vulnerable.

I started my career as an activist and housing organizer. I was on the frontlines  in the fight for economic justice, demanding access to affordable housing in Kensington and organizing to provide social services during the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Later, I went to law school to begin a career of legal advocacy. I spent a decade at Community Legal Services, where I fought for thousands of low-income families to remain in safe, affordable, quality housing when they were facing eviction. Then I transitioned to lead the city’s civil rights and housing enforcement agencies, where I oversaw initiatives to strengthen our anti-discrimination laws and to peacefully resolve community conflicts.

I’ve proven in my career that I know how to deliver the kind of lasting, community-led change that makes our city stronger and more equitable. I’m now ready to take the next step to fight for justice as an elected member of city council. I’ll do everything in my power to use the office to make the city work for all of us. 

A better Philadelphia requires investing in our people to eliminate poverty and blight. It means ending the gun violence epidemic, not just offering temporary solutions.  It means finding safe, affordable housing for every family.  And it means treating every resident as an equally valuable member of our city.

If elected, I promise you that I will work with every Councilmember, community group, or individual with the vision to deliver a better Philadelphia for every person in every community.

I believe in a better Philadelphia for all of us, and I hope you’ll join me to help make it happen.

— Rue Landau